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Clan Mentz

Germanic, Teutonic, Nordic and Celtic Clan Pedigree:

Mentz is an ancient Nordic, Celtic, and Germanic clan or tribal name. Variations include: Menz, Mentz, Muenz, Mentzer, Mentzinger, Mentzel, Mentzdorf, Muentz, Mentzen, Muntz, Manz, Mainz, Menze, von Mentz, v. Mentz, Mantz, Maentz , Maenz , Maenz, Maintz, Mentzingen, and Meintz. Old German for Clan Mentz is (German for Clan: Mentz Sippe or Stamme Mentz) To see an array of various Mentz Coats of Arms, click here: Furthere, Here are Some Mentz or Menz families of Nobility - German Research in German

Before 1800, the name Menz, Menze or Menzen was more commonly used; however, the MenTz version was used and developed over the recent history of Germany (last 300 years). Commentators on German history have researched and suggest that Men(t)z is low german or a shorter/pet name for Meinhard or Meinrich.

Mentz Clan in Chinese Characters (with T)


Menz Clan in Chinese Characters

Notice that both are similar, but the MENZ spelling is the easiest to use as it looks like 1788.

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